"I had been working all year on phonics and decoding... after having Cracking the Code for just two weeks,         

    these students showed marked improvement.”

    Lisa, Remedial Teacher

  "We are now reading a novel as a class, and the effect your program has had on these kids is amazing!

   A book that they could not read last year they are now reading and enjoying"
   Brion, Middle School Teacher

After searching high and low for something to help our 6th grader fill in some of the gaps with his reading we found Cracking the Code by the amazingly helpful crew at Turning a New Page.  Cracking the Code is easy to follow and use, but more importantly it is engaging and fun.  The speed drills were awesome to keep our son engaged and trying to always out race me. The use of Hangman reinforces the letter patterns, makes reading less intimidating and provides a challenge to win the puzzle, which was super motivating for us!  Cracking the Code is brilliantly crafted, bridging the gaps and building confidence!  Within a short few months we saw such an increased skill level as well as the frustration of reading lessening.  I will continue to highly recommend this program to those whom need to see words a little differently, more like a code to crack then a stumbling block!  Thank you so much to Rick McAtee and his group at Turning a New Page!  This has single handedly changed our language from

“I can’t read” to “I got this!”
Kim Bartenfield, Ooltewah, TN, Parent to a struggling 6th grade reader


  "I had been struggling, looking for something to teach high school boys to read while still maintaining their dignity.
  The fact that you learn the patterns first, without having the pressure to read
right away, put my students at ease.

  Nanette, HS teacher

  “Cracking The Code is a very effective remedial tool. Students walk away with success on a daily basis!"

   Bob, Title 1 reading teacher

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